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As we know, wall art can play a significant role in enhancing the ambiance and atmosphere of a client servicing business, creating lasting impression upon clients. With that in mind, today we have the pleasure of offering our services in creating a seasonal art collection specifically for your business that can include corporate colors and other preferences, such as local themes, providing your guests with a diverse and dynamic art experience.

Collage art has gained significant popularity in recent years. Its inherent appeal lies in the ability to blend elements of the past and present, diversity and uniqueness, creating a sense of nostalgia and familiarity simultaneously challenging conventional perceptions. The dynamic and visually engaging nature of collage can transform the environment, infusing it with a sense of creativity and energy.


The collection can be updated before every season. Digital files that can be further used for printing either a poster or a canvas of necessary size will be ready in 30 calendar days before a new season start, i.e. winter collection will be delivered to your mailbox before November 21st to allow your Operations Team enough time for printing and installing the artworks. Whether displayed in lobbies, hallways, or guest rooms, restaurants or waiting areas, collage art captures attention and sparks conversations, making it an excellent choice for adding aesthetic value to any environment. You can explore current collection and our style in the video.

Our art works create unique energy and change impression of environment. This choice of art décor would provide memorable experience for your clients and people who work there, helping to differentiate your business from others in the area. Our fees will be calculated based on the number of artworks prepared for your business and potential inclusion of elements of your preference. Art works made for you are your excusive purchase from us.

If you do not have corporate, local or seasonal preferences another option would be to explore our gallery and contact us with your selection. In this case, the exclusivity of the art work from Our Collection remains at your decision.

If this proposal is of interest, we would be happy to hear back from you at and answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to the opportunity to contribute to your clients' positive experience.

Thank you,


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